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Mangawhai Business Development Association

'The Mangawhai Business Development Association (MBDA) is the Business Promotions Association for Mangawhai.'

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'The Mangawhai Business Development Association (MBDA) is the Business Promotions Association for Mangawhai.'

The Mangawhai Business Development Association is the official tourism and business promotions group of Mangawhai. Our principal aims are to encourage and develop tourism in our area, thereby promoting managed growth and opportunities for local businesses while protecting and enhancing Mangawhai's uniqueness. We work closely with the Kaipara District Council, Destination Northland, Enterprise Northland, the Northland Tourism Development Group and other related bodies.

We work to a Strategic Plan that lists our 3 main strategies, and the objectives thereof.
These strategies are to:
  • Identify, develop and deliver tourism and community events to encourage people to visit and contribute to the economic prosperity of Mangawhai.
  • Support and assist existing businesses in the Mangawhai community to provide excellence in the delivery of tailored customer service.
  • Provide strong leadership and facilitate the bringing together of all Mangawhai interest groups for the inclusive benefit of businesses, local bodies, sector groups and government agencies
  • If you would like to know more about the objectives of the Plan, a copy will be made available on request to  mike.mcgarry@ihug.co.nz

Since our merger we have:
  • trademarked the logo  Mangawhai
  • established this official Mangawhai community/promotions website
  • been instrumental in the formation of Mangawhai Forum - an informal gathering of local community/interest groups to air views, formulate action and generally support each other's ventures
  • promote the success of local business activity within Mangawhai through promotion and assistance.
  • promoted functions on behalf of other bodies with related interests to our group - Kaipara Development Agency, Northland Chamber of Commerce (Excellence Awards), and Enterprise Northland.
  • supported annually the official Northland Visitors Guide by paid advertising
  • acted as a conduit for dissemination of information for other local community groups
  • An on-going initiative is the production of the very successful Mangawhai tourism promotions brochure, which is strategically distributed to I-sites and information centres within our catchment area.

Chairman - Richard Gunson ph (021)987576 email : stay@mangawhaiheadsholidaypark.co.nz
Treasurer - Luke Canton
Committee - Yvette Urlich, Melody Tito, Keith Draper, Richard Gunson, Luke Canton, Emma Greyson




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