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Dogs in Mangawhai

Dogs are not permitted within 10 metres of childrens playground

refer the Kaipara District Council  website


There are designated  dog exercise areas and parks around and
on our beaches. Please view link to Council's Policy on Dogs and Dog Management Bylaw. 

All dogs need and love to exercise, so it is important that dog owners know where to exercise their dogs safely in their local neighbourhoods.

Useful information

You must carry a leash with you at all times.
Dogs must be on a leash whilst walking on roads or footpaths.
You can let your dog run free on any reserve or park within the Kaipara District that is not a leashed or prohibited area.
If not on a leash in a park or reserve, the dog must be under voice or sign control. Keep a safe distance from small children before letting the dog off a leash. Dispose of any dog faeces immediately.
Exercise with caution in areas where there are sports groups or families. Any breaches of these rules can gain fines from $100-$300.
Please respect the rights of others using public places and do not let your dog disturb or scare them.
Remember to look for any signs posted that may have Dog Control Area conditions.
Tip: Take some water along for your dog to drink when you are finished exercising.For more information on dogs in Mangawhai



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