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Mangawhai Triathlon

Entries close 12 February 2014 - no entries will be accepted on the day. 

Mangawhai Triathlon 2014

For information on entry fees click HERE.


This year we have introduced an option for individuals to register for one discipline only. Registrations for a single discipline (swim, kayak, cycle or run) will be matched with other single discipline registrations to make a full team. You will be notified via email the week prior to the event with the names of others that you have been matched in a team with and your team's bib number.

For us to be able to successfully administrate this category all entries for the single discipline category will close on Sunday 2 February.


Please park near the registration area on North Ave/Olsen Ave as there is no parking at the transition/finish area - the transition area is only a short walk from here.


The transition areas will be located at the end of Mangawhai Heads Road (on the other side of the camp ground from the parking area - see above).

Transition will be open at 7.45am and all bikes must be racked by 9.00am. Bikes are to be racked in your correct event   category as indicated by the signage e.g. Kayak, Women's Swim, Men's Swim etc.

Please follow the directions of the transition marshals at all times.

Bikes and gear left in the transitions area cannot be collected until after the last competitor finishes approximately 12pm


Event numbers will be allocated to all individual entrants and the nominated runners of team entries.  
All participants need to ensure that a suitable upper body garment is worn, to pin the race number to.  
Event numbers will be posted out to participants who enter before 11/2/14. For entry after 11/2/14, event numbers will need to be collected from the registration area on the day. 

Event numbers should be worn high on the front of your shirt, and be clearly visible.

From 8.00am at the Sport Northland Registration Tent which will be located at the end of Mangawhai Heads Road. This is required for those that do not receive their race number in the post.

Briefing 9.00am
Start Time 9.30am


Swim 500m or Kayak 1.5km, Cycle 20km, Run 5km



Public toilets and changing rooms are available in the Mangawhai Heads Camping Ground.

No showers are available.



One drink station will be positioned on course at the half way mark on the run course. Only water is provided.

A drink station will also be available at transition/finish area at the end of Mangawhai Heads Road. 




This is a solo event within each discipline and no one may assist you with normal progress to the finish. 
Kayakers must wear life jackets.
Race director’s decision is final, no appeal accepted.
Should you withdraw from the race you must inform an official.

The event is held on public roads. Treat all roads as open at all times and expect oncoming and overtaking traffic at all times.

Please obey all traffic laws and regulations.

Take extreme care when approaching driveways and side roads - expect vehicles.

Where there is a lane coned for participants you are required to remain within the cones at all times.

Take extreme care when passing other participants.

Marshals will be wearing high-visibility vests and are there for your safety. Follow their instructions and those of the event organisers at all times.

Footpaths and footbridges are to be used where available.


No-one will be allowed to compete without an approved cycle helmet or appropriate footwear. 

During the cycle section, upon reaching the steep decline on Mangawhai Heads Road, the race becomes neutral (no overtaking) until the transition area. 

Cycling in transition is prohibited. Competitors must walk/run past transition marshal.

Helmets must remain latched until bike is racked.


Wetsuits may be worn.

No floatation or assistance devices are permitted. 

Due to the tidal nature of the Mangawhai Harbour the swim is likely to be tide assisted.




The run is a two lap course, runners must collect and wear a wrist band at the start of their second lap. Runners who finishes without wearing the required writs band risk begin disqualified. 


Team members must wait in the transition tent to be tagged by team members.Teams will be issued with a wrist band which will act as a baton for the team event. Each team member must pass on the wrist band to the next member of their team before they can begin their leg. 

Swimmer to tag cyclist in the tent area prior to them putting on their helmet or collecting their bike from transition (shoes may be put on prior to being tagged).

Cyclist to tag runner in the the tent area after racking their bike and helmet. 

Runner must wear bib number high on the front of their t-shirt or singlet. 

One member of the team can complete up to two different legs for their team e.g. swim and cycle, swim and run etc.

Swimmers and kayakers competing in the individual event may also complete in the swim/kayak or swim/kayak and cycle as part of a team. Individuals wishing to participate as part of a team will need be entered in both events. 



For health and safety reasons all entrants are required to be 15 years or older on event day to participant in the event. Entrants under the may be given special dispensation to enter and compete. Special dispensation for children under 15 must be applied for by the child's legal guardian HERE.

Please allow up to seven working days for us to review  and respond to your application. 

St Johns Ambulance will be available to provide assistance.

Please inform a Marshal if you or someone else requires assistance on course. A tail Marshal will follow the event. 


Prize giving will take place at the finish area (at the end of Mangawhai Heads Road) at approximately 12pm.

Participants must be present at prize giving and show their event number to claim their prize.

The draw is generated using a random computer draw programme.


Results and finisher's certificates will be available online at www.northlandtri.co.nz

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