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Sustainable Mangawhai


DASC (develop a sustainable community) invites:

Is it clever to use 17.000 l of drinking water to flush away only 50 l of feces a human produces in one year and than spend a huge amount of money and energy on the attempt to clean and purify this water - so insufficiently that it can only be released to special fields?

Is it hygienic to disperse pathogens and pharmaceuticals in water which provides an optimal spreading and breading ground?

Water finds it's way with all dissolved ingredients back into our food chain.

Is it sustainable to use artificial fertilisers on our gardens and crops when all of those nutrition are available in the huge amount of urine that we produce for free?

Today, Morocco is the world biggest phosphate supplier. Their resources will end in 10 years, just like Nauru did for us thirty years ago.

Is it a good tasting, good quality water which comes out of our town water taps?

And how much will we have to pay for bottled or town water in 10 years?

It is time to start the smarter way.

On Saturday, 9th of January, 6.00 pm in the Mangawhai Library Hall local and international experts will present solutions to put an end to the outmoded "one pipe fits all" waste water management. We will show that we can have NIL discharge systems.

We will have separation and double flush toilets on display. We will show that these new technologies have moved into widespread use. We will provide you with all the information to start a change.

Protection of our environment and our own personal health makes it imperative that we become more efficient at dealing with our waste.

We will show that the cost of setting up and operating these new systems is much lower than ancient "one pipe fits all" solutions used today.

We invite all to come and see there are simple solutions for problems that have been made complex almost solely to serve corporations.

We invite all young people to come and discover the regional and international sustainable job opportunities in sales, service and maintenance, in research, science and further development in a future proof field.

We invite the Waste Water Extension Advisory Panel Members, the Commissioners, all Council staff to join us and our community in learning about a better way forward - before we consign ourselves to unmanaged costs and further environmental degradation.

Saturday, 9th January, 6 pm, Mangawhai Library Hall
Sustainable Mangawhai - Sustainable Sanitation !
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