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Thundercats Racing

Thundercats are go!


Wanting an exciting day at the beach? Description Surf-cross racing is run traditionally at surf beaches which provide spectacular jumps, thrills and spills with boats reaching 80kph in the surf. Surf-cross races start with a ‘Le-mans' style start where the driver dashes out into knee deep water to the co-pilot holding the boat. The teams then battle it out over several laps on a rectangular shaped course running parallel to the shoreline in as little as 300mm of water. The finish is dramatic as boats skid up the beach for co-pilots to leap out the front of their boats and run to the FINISH line. - See more at: 

For those who like action on the water, Thundercats will be boiling up a storm in a high-action, explosive wave-jumping surf-cross circuit race at Mangawhai Heads on November 21. The intended course is just north of the surf club and running from 11am to 3pm. 

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