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Mangawhai Walks

Mangawhai Walks
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 Mangawhai Walkways and Harbour Access

The Walkways.

A series of interesting walks, either partially or completely off-road, but which in some cases have been linked to road sections to complete a circuit or provide a more extended stroll. Much of the estuary edge can be walked from half tide with constraints on specific walks identified in the walk description.

Harbour access.

There are a number of pedestrian access points to the harbour and estuary, particularly between Lincoln Reserve and the Heads. These consist of stairs and tracks of varying quality and should be used with care as some can be slippery when wet.

Walk descriptions.

1. Last of the Summer Wine. A ramble through Mangawhai Park, a mix of native and exotic vegetation beginning from the Lookout boardwalk just north of the Mangawhai Club. It involves some short climbs and drops but is generally downhill in this direction. The track links to walk 2 or exits to Thelma Road. It can be walked in about 30 minutes, is suitable for runners, but not push chairs.

2. Last of the Summer Wine. Completes the circuit with 1 above. A generally easy downhill walk from the Information Centre, but climbs and descends over several small ridges. An ideal walk for avoiding the traffic of Molesworth Drive, it has one set of steps but is push chair possible for the enthusiast. A nice track for runners and links to track 1 or exits to Thelma Road.

3. Back Bay. A level gravel path along the estuary edge passing beside a beautiful salt marsh and ending at the Back Bay jetty. Beyond the jetty is private land and you must return the way you came. Link Back Bay to walks 1 and 2 by crossing the causeway and turning left into Thelma Road. The walk is push chair friendly.

4. Domain. An easy level stroll beginning opposite the tennis courts and following the stream into the Anchorage subdivision. It skirts a series of ponds and the upper estuary before exiting via a walkway into Spinnaker Lane. Passes east through the subdivision to a walkway linking Halyard and Leslie Streets, and out to Moir Street to return to the Domain.

5. Pohutukawa. A circuit walk from the village down Moir Street to the Tavern and a track along the estuary edge with its pohutukawa fringe. Return is via Duneview and Molesworth Drive.

6. Moir Point. Much of this walk is below the high tide mark, and is best undertaken at half tide or lower. Access is from the end of Moir Point Road or the Lincoln Street reserve. Towards the point high cliffs limit access landward, and the rock shelf is submerged at high tide. A circuit can be completed using Lincoln, Suffolk, Devon, and Moir Point Road.

7. Motorcamp. Begin at the reserve opposite the end of Wood Street. From the reserve, steps lead to the foreshore or you can walk along in front of the houses descending to the boat ramp below North Street. Continue along the foreshore past the Alama Crescent boat ramp and both sections of the motor camp to a concrete footpath which joins Wintle Street.

8. Fagan Place. A short walk from the Wood Street shops down Fagan Place to a track which follows a paling fence and then rises up to join Molesworth Drive. Return along Molesworth Drive to Wood Street. Suitable for push chairs.

9. Heads Lookout. A short climb for spectacular coastal views of the sand spit, estuary, and surf beach. Can be combined with a walk along the surf beach or descend from the car park to Picnic Bay.

10. Mangawhai Cliff-top. Begin with a stroll along the beach from the Heads car park to the sign posted point where the track leaves the beach and climbs via a series of steps to the cliff above. The track rises and falls along the cliff edge above open grassy slopes with spectacular views, but also passing through shady bush and beneath giant old pohutukawa. Considered one of the finest coastal walks in the country, the track eventually descends to the beach along which you can return at low tide.

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