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Teen Turbulence Mangawhai

45 Moir Street, Mangawhai, Northland 45 Moir Street, Mangawhai, Northland
18 August 2018 , 07:00 PM until 09:00 PM

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When working with Teens you're bound to hit a bit of turbulence. They're attracted to risk. They're distracted from school. They're prone to latching onto digital platforms exposing them to risks such as cyber bullying, porn and gaming addiction. 

They seem to be constant to one another and less and more connected to us. In a world like this how are we supposed to keep them safe from harm? 

Adrienne Wood brings fresh approach to navigating Teen Turbulence. Using the attachment-based developmental theory of Canadian psychologist Gordon Neufeld, Adrienne helps parents and professionals to find psychological insight into the adult - teen dynamic. 

Entry by Koha. 

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18 August 2018 18 August 2018 Teen Turbulence Mangawhai